Hip resurfacing is intended for young, active adults who are under 60 years of age and in need of a hip replacement. Adults over 60 who are living non-sedentary lifestyles may also be considered for this procedure. However, this can only be further determined by a review of your bone quality.

There are certain causes of hip arthritis that result in extreme deformity of either the head of the femur or the hip socket. These cases are usually not candidates for hip resurfacing.

Like other resurfacing surgeons, Dr. Rector has noted that women do not do as well as men with resurfacing. This is particularly true with women of smaller stature. In 2015, Smith & Nephew voluntarily removed its smaller prosthesis sizes from the market.

Dr. Rector will still consider hip resurfacing for larger statured women for whom an appropriately sized prosthesis is still available. For most women with hip arthritis, Dr. Rector recommends total hip arthroplasty.

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