Dr. Benjamin Bjerke Provides Spine Care in Africa During Surgical Mission

Benjamin T. Bjerke, MD, fellowship-trained back, neck and spine surgeon at BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine, recently returned from a surgical mission as a volunteer surgeon with FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital in Ghana, Africa. During the 11-day clinic, Dr. Bjerke provided medical care to children with spine-related conditions. Patients in need of orthopedic or neurosurgical care for injuries and conditions of the spine are encouraged to call (303) 449-2730 to schedule an appointment.

While in Ghana, Dr. Bjerke served as an attending surgeon for FOCOS, seeing patients, providing spinal care and performing surgeries. He also coordinated a medical donation of more than $500,000 in spinal implants and medical supplies. This trip was his third surgical mission with FOCOS.

“The deformities and surgeries I am seeing here I wouldn’t have seen in an entire career in the United States,” says Dr. Bjerke. “These levels of deformities are unparalleled, and such cases don’t come up in the United States.”

Established in 1998, FOCOS (Foundation of Orthopaedics and Complex Spine) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide orthopedic care and improve the quality of life in Ghana as well as other countries. Located in the United States and Ghana, the organization has had over 500 volunteers from all around the world provide surgical and nonsurgical care to patients with disabling disorders or to those who would not otherwise have access to treatment. Since its establishment, FOCOS has treated over 26,000 patients and has performed over 2,400 surgeries.

 “We are so proud of the work Dr. Bjerke has done in Africa through his surgical missions,” says Dr. Lorri Fulkerson, dual-board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon at BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine. “His work through FOCOS has helped provide treatment to children with severe spine conditions as well as make a positive impact in the world.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bjerke, please call (303) 449-2730