Local Man Walking Well Again After Surgery With Dr. Patrick Curry

Last summer, Boulder resident Fred W., 77, was in so much pain that he needed two canes to walk at all and spent much of his time in a wheelchair. The retired oil, gas, and drilling salesman then met with Dr. Patrick Curry, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine. 

Dr. Curry knew the situation was urgent, and after X-rays, surgery was scheduled at Porter Adventist Hospital the next week. 

“I would say that it was urgent because he was really having a lot of trouble walking because of his left leg pain,” explained Dr. Curry. 

On September 1, Dr. Curry performed a spinal decompression and fusion procedure on Fred’s lower spine, a surgery Dr. Curry has performed thousands of times. 

“I try to approach each patient based on their specific condition and anatomy, their goals in terms of recovery, their activity level, and their unique situation as a person,” said Dr. Curry. “So, all of those variables dictate what treatments are available and how quickly you would move to surgery or wait on surgery. I take a personalized approach—not everyone whose MRI looks the same needs the same treatment plan.”

“Since I came out of surgery in September, I’ve had no pain since then,” said Fred. “Whatever Dr. Curry did, he did a tremendous job, and I was happy with it and I’ve been happy ever since.”

Fred underwent less than a month of physical therapy after surgery, something he was very familiar with as a stroke survivor. 

“If I wanted to walk, I get up and I do it,” Fred said. “I knew what I had to do, and I wanted to walk, so I did it.”

Now, even with the limits of the pandemic, Fred is not taking the simple gift of walking for granted.

“You got the problems now of COVID-19, your life is limited, but I can walk, I can do it. The walkers are put away,” added Fred. “We’ll see what happens come this summer. I’m 77, going on 78, I’m not going to try out for the Olympics or anything, I’m just going to live.”

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