We recognize that hip resurfacing is a more demanding technical procedure than conventional total hip replacement. This procedure should only be undertaken by experienced hip surgeons who understand fully the implications of performing hip arthroplasty on young active patients. It should only be performed by surgeons who are prepared to undertake the responsibility of caring for that patient throughout their lifetime.

Smith & Nephew has representatives in the UK and abroad, who are fully conversant with the indications, contra-indications and the surgical technique relating to the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Operative technique manuals and videos are supplied to surgeons, but prior to surgeons undertaking this procedure we ensure that they have been personally trained in the performance of this surgery by the surgical team in Birmingham.

All UK surgeon users, bar three, have been personally trained by the Birmingham surgical team in the performance of the BHR. The three surgeons who have not been trained felt that they did not require training as they had previous experience with hip resurfacing arthroplasty. All overseas surgeon users have been trained by the team in Birmingham.

We are in constant communication with all our surgeon users and offer advice on particular patients and their x-rays and our design surgeons are available for technical and clinical support to any surgeon throughout the world.

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