The most important part of recovering from any wrist fracture is staying actively involved in your physical therapy and rehabilitation program as well as caring for your cast, which is essential to the healing process. Keep these tips in mind while waiting for your cast to come off:

  1. Elevate the cast. Elevate the injured extremity to prevent swelling in the initial days following the injury.
  2. Exercise the extremity. Even if your arm is in a cast, don’t neglect your fingers. Alert your doctor if exercising causes pain.
  3. Apply an ice pack to the cast. Ice helps reduce swelling. If you attempt to ice the broken bone, be sure to keep your cast dry.

A wrist injury may limit your home, work, and active life for weeks. Our experts say that finding healthy ways to cope with a wrist fracture is imperative to both your physical and mental recovery.

Dealing with an upper extremity injury takes time and patience. However, finding alternatives to your daily routine can be simple, and staying active can help keep your spirits high. Even if one arm is immobilized while rehabilitating, you can manage most tasks with the unaffected arm and stay fit by cross-training. Even with one arm in a cast, you can still walk, climb stairs, or use a hands-free stationary bike.

If you have questions about strategies for staying fit, completing everyday tasks, or maintaining a positive attitude while you’re recovering from your wrist fracture, contact our doctors at BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine by calling 303.449.2730 or request an appointment online.