Dr. William Kramer Helps Local Climber Walk Again After 31-Foot Fall

In December 2016, Bob Jamieson, 61-year-old seasonal park ranger and avid climber, was at a climbing facility doing an auto belay climb, which is when a climber uses an automatic belay device instead of a partner to catch and slowly lower them to the ground if they fall. During his climb, he forgot to clip into the device and took a 31-foot fall, shattering his ankle and breaking his back, a wrist and a few ribs as well as sustaining a concussion.

He was rushed to the emergency room, where William C. Kramer, MD, of BoulderCentre for Orthopedics & Spine, and other experts took the first steps in Bob's long road to recovery..

“I was in a wheelchair for several months,” says Bob. “It was horrible. I couldn’t use crutches because my right wrist was broken.”

Bob eventually graduated to a modified walker, followed by crutches when his wrist was healed.

His recovery was long, lasting almost a year. The multiple fractures to his foot required three surgeries, performed by Dr. Kramer, including one surgery to heal a nonunion, or a fracture that doesn’t heal.

“It wasn’t until last summer that I really started walking and eventually doing some light hiking and climbing,” says Bob. “I never thought I would be able to do any of that stuff again. Climbing is a big part of my life; I’ve been doing it since 1973.”

This summer, Bob, who is more careful now, is back to climbing and has already completed multiple climbs with his sons.

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