As part of our dedication to providing the highest possible level of care, our shoulder experts offer the latest and most advanced evidence-based treatment for your shoulder pain and limitation. This includes state-of-the-art care for rotator cuff tears.

Commonly a source of shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears typically result from overuse or an injury. The degree to which your rotator cuff can tear varies. One of the most severe degrees is a massive, irreparable rotator cuff tear.

Treatment options for rotator cuff tears depend on the severity of the tear and other factors. Care can range from medication and physical therapy to total shoulder replacement. One new option for the most severe tears lies with the InSpace Implant.

What can an InSpace procedure do for me?

The InSpace device is a balloon implant for the shoulder that is used for treating patients 65 years and older with massive rotator cuff tears. It offers an innovative and alternative solution to lengthier procedures with longer rehabilitation processes, such as reverse total shoulder replacements or shoulder reconstructions.

Through a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure, your surgeon inserts the InSpace balloon implant that fits to your anatomy into the appropriate space in your shoulder. When inflated, the biodegradable device helps restore the space between your upper arm bone and the edge of your shoulder. This will temporarily reduce the rubbing of these bones.

InSpace procedures offer patients:

  • A shorter surgical time compared to other surgical treatment options
  • Relief of pain related to tendon tears of the shoulder
  • Improved shoulder motion and function
  • Bone and tissue preservation

As the first to perform the InSpace implant procedure in Boulder, board-certified and dual-fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Austin Chen, MD, proudly offers the most advanced treatment options for rotator cuff damage and other shoulder conditions, including the InSpace implant procedure.

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