Golf season is in full swing! If you're having trouble with your game, let Michael Westphale, PTA, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level one and Medical Level 2, Physical Therapist Assistant help.  

Does something about your swing not feel quite right? Do you feel tight or restricted compared to what you remember from last year?  Do you have pain when playing a round or even at the driving range? Have you been pushing though or hoping your next round will be better? Come let Michael take a look at your swing and perform a physical screen to make sure your body can physically do what you are asking it to do. 

As a TPI-certified professional, Michael Westphale, PTA, uses his knowledge of the body’s mobility and function plus evidence-based TPI training to teach you how to avoid swing characteristics that limit your ability, create mechanical inefficiencies, and put you at a greater risk for injury. He will evaluate your swing, understand physical limitations, and offer exercises to better your game.

Through personalized planning, Michael tailors your drills and exercises to you and your swing characteristics. He helps players understand how their body functions during the golf swing.

To learn more about our Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program or to schedule an appointment with our TPI specialist, please call 303.442.2666.